Science of the Lambs

by Solo Doctor Zero

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truly a labor of love...


released June 10, 2011

Words written by Makaria Tsapatoris, Stephan Tsapatoris and Adam Cusack, Music by SoloDoctorZero. Performed by Makaria (vocals, bass), Stephan (vocals, guitars), Adam (vocals, keyboards), Blake (drums, channeling). Produced by C.B.DiDonato

another sweet production!!!


all rights reserved



Solo Doctor Zero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Beguiler
Your reflective eyes
I feel so strange inside,
and I say to myself "Am I in to deep?"
I see you trying
but your still beguiling.
Well, I don't wanna be the man in the moon
coming down to soon.
I don't wanna pop your green balloon.
I don't want that rush to enchant me too soon.
I see you dying, and I'm still trying BUT...
How I wonder what you are.
Track Name: Mad Bitches Lament (Ballad of the Dogs)
When I found you, the dogs had ripped your flesh apart and left only your eyes.
For some mad god had doomed you and cursed your bones to death, tore your handsome face
apart stole away you're breath.

La la la la Oh my bloody love.

See, you promised me that you'd bring me sweet, fresh grapes,
I hold you to your promises,
you swore it yesterday.
So, you went to the village, and met along your way, a pack of cruel,
vicious hounds that hounded you this day.
The dogs they attacked you,
they tore you limb from limb,
they gripped into your throat and then
they feasted on your skin,
the blood was spilling in the street your body now was drained,
your skull now broken,
bits and pieces,
I can see your Brains!
In the Meadow, with thistle in your hair, you kissed me with your soft, sweet lips two moons ago this year.
We laughed at the clouds then we danced to tunes so fine. Making merry like 2 fools and drinking summer wine.

La la la la Oh my bloody love.

Those brute beasts they ate you, left your carcass raw in shreds, So, I'll just take your severed hand and bring that to my bed.
Yes, I'll bring that to my bed!
Track Name: Goblin King
Here I come to cure your boredom
with my twisting games of chance.
Hallucigenic, where the brain meets
first adventure, goblin dance.

I am the Goblin King of the Mountain.

I sit atop my mighty peak of trash.
The troll beneath the bridge does as I bid.
I conjure madness and his teeth gnash,
"Run, the changeling grid!"

I am the Goblin King of the Mountain.

For a thousand years I've waited,
for the stars to be aligned.
Now the solstice must await you.
Arcane magic you must find.

I am the Goblin King of the Mountain.
Track Name: SpaceSuckers
I crossed over the line again.
It's not so safe here.
You said there's no point in finding me.
I know, I know I'd just destroy it all anyway.
It's hard to find grace here.
Eclipsed, I watch you numbly as you turn away.
Don't face this, tho you know me, oh you turned away, so run along.
On this side there's no right or wrong until you bleed.
I'll stumble just like always until I cut it up and bleed it out.
It's all just notions anyway so just put me down, just put me down.
I marked up my body, Please mark up my body.
Faith sits in our eyes disguised, it doesn't matter who creates it or
who decides... it's not so safe here.
And we all suck space here.
You're stigmas are unholy and it's such a shame
you pass tha blame.
My body is my temple and it's mine to f*ck. It's
mine to F*ck.
Hold on to your own now, and maybe I'll hold
on to mine now.
Track Name: Built 2 Fail
I am, construction paper
I am, I'll tell you later
I am a scapegoat slit throat
Hey Man! Quit rockin da boat!
I am, hesitation
I am good at masturbation
Who isn't? And wontcha be a pal?
Cause what I knew then I don't know now...

I'm built to fail

I am, interrogation
I am, lost in translation
I am, keep it short
Hey teach! Here's your book report!

I am, late as ever
Hey man! You're wearing my sweater!
Who's betta? Heads or tails?
Oh f*ck! I just remembered now!

I'm built to fail

Jack and Jill
Went up some hill
To fetch a pail of failure!
Jack went down
And DooDoo Brown
It was a woo woo haa yeah!!!

Built to fail

Track Name: Rag Doll
The morning woke you with me lying next to you,
a shrouded rag doll, your own private lie.
It's not just that you don't see me here, and it's not just that in there you hate me.
Too much light will turn you blind
but if you see only darkness that's all you will find.

Cuz it seems like you're burning, maladjusted mess of a man.

Oh, I know I'm just another itch, an undone stitch, a wicked, wicked witch.
Maybe I'm your mother.
Or, I'm your dead lover.
And yes, I might be your foe, but I could be your f*cking saint and you wouldn't know.

Cuz it looks like you're burning, maladjusted mess of a f*ckin man.

I'm so sorry, but I can't be on board with your trip,
see, the ship you ride is sinking and I don't need to stick around to watch you burn to KNOW you're gonna burn,
to know you're gonna sink deep.
Change you're f*ckin channel.
Cuz, one of these days, you're gonna find what you're looking for, unless it finds you first.
But I truly hope that you do, but...
You can't hold me, you don't have the means...
So, you WON'T hold me, NO. You're burning maladjusted, sad mess of a man.
And I'm not sorry.
Track Name: Eric's Song
Monoatomic gold, it's not Science.
Monoatomic gold, it's not Science.
That's what Eric Gallo tells me.
And Eric Gallo knows about Science.

Carbon Nanotubes, they are Science.
Carbon Nanotubes, they are Science.
Graphene and Buckeyballs are Science.
A Buckeyball can do anything it likes...

Take your time he says,
It's alright. All the times he says,
It's alright. You'll get it. You'll get it.
You'll get it.

2 dimensional holes they are Science.
2 dimensional holes they are Science.
Schroedinger killed a cat with Science.
The Heisenberg Uncertainty Princiblablablabla

Take your time he says.
It's alright. All the times he says,
It's alright. You're my hero, Gallo,
You're my hero. You're my hero.
Track Name: Redtail
There's a storm, and we've been in it for along time.
There's telephones and fish and hooks
and tell me what do you choose?
I choose to examine it, all those hooks.
Redtailed and Redfaced
The blood it drips from my fingertips
I can see your bones pressing through.
Yes, I can see your bones
Ripped and f*cked and whipped
and the tide is coming...
Flipped, this trick has been tricked,
but I'm still humming softly.
Biding, as I watch you twitch,
it rolls like thunder through me.
Tripped the wire, hook and switch.
My mouth is bleeding Violet.
But I can see you're bones,
I still see you're bones,
I'm gnawing through you're bones...